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The year of yays and nays!

Sometimes I look at blogging as if i am talking to myself.. I never know if anyone else will see.. so this blog will be a personal journal type.. ah 2022!

The year arrived with hope...

My youngest was asked to join a dealership using his automotive tech certificate.. yay starts in May..

I decided (after years of pain) to finally have my hips replaced.. after the initial visit my confidence in the medical system was somewhat heightened.. eek!

Surgery #1 (right hip) scheduled for July 8 went well.. I stayed and extra day!

Physical Therapy is a must.. I needed the knowledge of good exercises (thank you Neil and David) to make the surgery successful!! Aand to be accountable to someone is what kept me on track ( but gee they beat me up)( and I told them every time).. even though I know I am accountable for my own choices! After sessions of PT and post op visits, I felt great!

Surgery #2 (left hip) scheduled for September 20 another success.. Praise Be to God and the doctors and nurses.. love ❤️ and Blessings to all.

So I have had my 6 week post op and have had restrictions lifted.. Doc says I can work on putting on 🧦 socks.. holy moly it's been years since I have worn socks!

That was the YAY 😃!!!!

Now the NAY 😭

I lost my youngest sister October 13! Always bright and cheerful and positive.. and yet...!

it was the disease of addiction.. only 60 and gone! I love her and miss her!

Now November, I am praying for a clear and fair election and some calm for the rest of 2022...

Will my prayers be answered? Only God knows!


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